Who am I?

Welcome! I’m Marissa. I’m 21 years old and reside in the small town of Red Hook, NY.

Currently, I studying Vocal Performance at The College of Saint Rose, in Albany, NY. Right now I’m finishing up my final semester. Aside from singing, I also play guitar, piano, and ukulele. I also used to be a French horn player.

Since music has essentially become my job, I turn to writing as a personal hobby.

What do I write about? I write about quite a few things actually.

My favorite writing form is poetry. I love being able to express myself this way, as I’m better with words on pen and paper rather than in real life. Sometimes (but not all the time), my poems turn into songs, when I set them to music. I often think about melody and phrasing while I’m writing.

I’ve recently begun getting into writing album reviews as well. As a musician, one thing we tend to do is critique music from others, whether intentionally or not. Analyzing music is something that I enjoy and oftentimes something I have to do for my major, however putting it in the form of a review makes it more fun.

I also enjoy writing about sensitive topics, especially those pertaining to black culture. This is a subject that is important to me as black culture is my culture. I write about issues within it as well as issues that come from the outside, including racism. I like to think that I provide a voice for all black people, young and old. As I grew up feeling like I did not have a voice in the world, I strive for my writing to reach the eyes of people just like me.

I hope my readers enjoy what I have to offer to the blog world. Make sure to follow so you are notified whenever I post an update!

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