Will exchange services for money – Please Read!

Hey y’all. I know i haven’t updated for quite some time, and I apologize to my followers. I’ve been working on things but it’s been difficult for me to get content out, or do anything really. I know i am not the only person who has fallen on hard times due to COVID-19. For many of us, it’s resulted in displaced college students, people who have lost their jobs, are struggling to pay bills, and students who do not have adequate technology to complete their assignments at home.

I happen to fall in all of these categories and that is why i am asking for help. I haven’t been able to turn in assignments in over two weeks because my computer does not work. I would’ve been saving money for a new computer since this one started to die, but Corona ruined that. I’m supposed to graduate in May, and I don’t want that ruined by me being unable to do assignments.

My readers know that I’m a music major – specifically Performance. That is a degree that is already difficult to complete online. However this situation makes it worse.

Corona has also ruined my post-graduation plans – so now i’m stuck in trying to find a way to move out. I’m searching but it’s difficult to get a job right now. I’m trying my best. This situation is killing my mental health.

If it means anything, I can trade services: I’m a composer and songwriter. I can take commissions for music. Pricing will depend on how long I spend on creating the arrangement/the difficulty. In general, I’m thinking about $5/hr for a simple arrangement, $7 for a more difficult piece (as I’ll likely spend more time on it anyway). I can negotiate prices to an extent. I specialize in choral music, contemporary a cappella and accompanied songs.

Hell, if you want me to sing for you I’ll even do that. Personalized singing videos? idk.

Or if you’d prefer, I am also tutor in Aural Skills, and can teach Music Theory as well. I can do half-our lessons for $10 and full-hour lessons for $25. I can available by appointment if you just let me know!! Lessons would be over Zoom, preferably, but I’m open to services such as FaceTime, Skype and Facebook Messenger (I know some people have issues with Zoom 😅).

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out. Shares are appreciated as well.

I’m sorry for the annoying post. More content will be out very soon.

venmo: @Marissa0412

cashapp: $Mari0412

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