I am a Black woman. And my life matters.

Photo by Mattia Faloretti on Unsplash

I am tired.

Y’all know what i’m talking about. I don’t need to get into the fine details, but, I need to say that I am very tired.

I am very tired of having to explain why my life matters.

I am tired of having to debate with people on a subject that (at this point) they choose to not understand.

I am tired of feeling guilty for not speaking up more. I have yet to write one piece on the issue.

I am tired of feeling guilty for trying to protect my mental health. I’m not sorry for doing so, because I feel like I’ve been drowning.

But with that said, I will not stop fighting.

No matter how exhausting it is.

How painful.

How terrifying, even.

I want a better world to eventually raise my children in.

And this is not it.

It’s amazing, honestly; how it seemed like we had come so far, and yet, it isn’t nearly far enough.

I’ve been trying to escape through music.

But even that’s not enough, especially due to the limitations.

It’s hard to stay strong during these times.

When the entire world is against you.

But I’m doing my absolute best.

Black Lives Matter.

Below will be some links and resources. Please do your part to amplify our voices.




More Resources (hyperlink)

The system has to be changed, folks. It was designed to work against us. Now we have to push to change it.

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